Eslöv 21.September 2019

Back to the daily routines I am memorizing my assignment judging TS for your Club last weekend.

In general I was looking for a Tibetan Spaniel of genuine type and features of physical and mental
soundness, which are adequate for a companion dog coming originally from rough high altitude terrain.

I was very pleased with the overall quality of my entry so I could show in my final lineups what I was
looking for. A dog of correct size with a typical Tibetan Spaniel head, holding itself in balance standing
and moving with an air of “tibetan”. Wearing a protective coat with correct undercoat correct textured
guard coat and those lovely fringes.

I found in my entry some very beautiful heads, small in proportion to body as the standard says, but
nonetheless with correct length and substance of muzzle. Only a few showed heads too toyish with round
apple skulls and tiny pinched nose leathers, which are very nonfunctional to a dog originating from high altitude.

Surprisingly most of the entry had a correct dark oval eye, which gives, enhanced through a small ear of
correct high setting and correct muzzle the unique expression to the Tibetan Spaniel. I even found the
beautiful and special “scowl” markings in one or the other dog.

Most bites were undershot to a certain degree, some severely, which is acceptable as long as the jaws
aren`t getting unsoundly narrow, which wasn`t uncommon in my entry and breeders should really pay attention to it!

Very few showed a little resemblance to a Pekingese or Japanese Chin in regard to head and body type.

Most coats were typical, only a few were lacking undercoat, others were a little overdone in coat, a common
issue we face in the dog show world nowadays, not only in this breed. Drowning under huge amounts of coat,
that bodyshape can hardly be seen may be spectacular, but it is as untypical for a Tibetan Spaniel, as for
any of the Tibetan breeds.

Boning was nice and moderate in most of the dogs, fitting the overall dog. Some were lacking substance
and musculation and strength especially in the rear region. All of the dogs showed the breed`s typical harefeet.
Only very few lacked angulation in front and rear assembly.

Some of my winners, which gave me a lasting impression were:

The little black and tan 4-6 months puppy bitch Schilleshof`s Magnolia, who entered the ring with great
self-confidence and very sound typical movement. She has a lovely head and expression. Allover a very
promising youngster.

Best puppy went to Gamla Herrgarden Coco Chanel, a very showy bitch from the 6-9 class. She was nicely
balanced with a feminine typical head.

A very quality young male from the 9-18 Youth class Kangris Yan Simmon, had such a lovely type and
typical sound body, he won reserve to DKUCh. Sommerlyst`s Tseebo Lobsang, a fully mature stunning
dog in its prime. What a pleasure to go over such a beautifully made Tibetan Spaniel with the most typical
head and expression and a very sound mouth. He moved typically and soundly, holding himself impeccably.
A very dignified Tibetan gentleman and very well deserved winner.

Lobsang went BOB to the lovely bitch SE UCh DKUCH Mysebo `s I`m In Love, a very feminine quality bitch.
Sound and easy moving. Lovely size, boning and correct coat. Nice head and very typical expression.

Second best bitch and CAC to DK UCH Sommerlyst`s Ka-Ta-Ra Kan-Tsi, who I learned lateron, is a daughter
of my BOB. So truely Tibetan in type with sound body and movement.

Res CAC to another lovely quality bitch Kangris Velvet Cake. And fourth bitch in show to ten years old
Veteran FR Ch GB Ch SE Ch IR CH Avidgor Evangeline, a lady of excellence and great presence.
What a character, very cooperative with her handler, when she decided she liked to. She made me smile.

Thanks to everybody for showing your lovely Tibetan Spaniels. I truly enjoyed your hospitality and the
delightful atmosphere.

Kerstin Handrich